panel 7 “immigration”


The end of the Mexican-American War (1846 – 1848) brought California into the United States. Almost immediately, settlers come to California in great numbers following the 1849 Gold Rush.

This was the largest mass migration in American history.

The population explosion propelled California to statehood in 1850.

  • James H. Burke, came to California in 1853, and in 1857 he and his brother, J. W. Burke, purchased 974 acres of the Rancho Yokaya extending from Robinson Creek to Burke Hill, about two miles.
  • Another early settler was Samuel Lowry who built a log cabin in 1856 (near current Perkins and N. Main St.)
  • Lowery sold his claim to A.T. Perkins in the spring of 1857, who moved his wife and children into the valley, thereby becoming the first pioneer family of the township, followed by six more families that year.

The first US Post Office in Ukiah was built in 1858.

The lower half of “immigration” shows a settler playing a mandolin, which is a portrait of a contemporary person. He is Richard Shoemaker, former member of the Ukiah City Council and the Board of Supervisors, and former City Manager of Point Arena. There is another portrait in the panel… a canine local named Biggie who often walks near the mural:

And finally at the bottom right is star thistle, who people told me is the most invasive species, thus appropriate to this subject. It found a great place to live here, but crowds out other things. The good and the bad.

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